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My Dad loves to fish (which I’ve mentioned before) & boy am I glad he does!  🙂

Hello beautiful fish!

During the winter he goes ice fishing and catches some beautiful trout that he shares with me as fillets, smoked fillets & now smoked fish eggs!  I saw a post from Jenny on Nourished Kitchen talking about smoking salmon eggs so I figured I’d ask my dad to save the eggs from his trout.  They are smaller than salmon eggs but would still be full of all the wonderful nutrients.  The first time my Dad saved the eggs he just froze them for me and I’ve been adding a few to smoothies and other foods where you wouldn’t notice they are there.

Smoked Fish Eggs

For the second batch my dad was already smoking fish so it was easy for him to smoke the eggs at the same time.  Each skein of eggs was rubbed with sea salt, allowed to sit to draw out a little moisture and then they were smoked for about an hour.  The smoking covers up the fishy flavor and they have a nice salty, smoky flavor.  I tried the eggs plain and they have a nice flavor but they stick in your teeth so they will be best enjoyed as a flavoring component in other dishes.  To store the eggs I chose to freeze the eggs instead of turning on my large dehydrator to dry them out.  I’m excited to play with the eggs and add them to other dishes… tonight a few will be going into my elk burgers.  How would you use them?

Off to the freezer they go.

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